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Activities and Campaigns

Low traffic neighbourhoods

This week, Ministers were called to account for the the impact of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London. Whilst I welcome moves towards a greener society,

Urgent Question: Leisure Centre Funding

St. George’s and Tiller Leisure Centres have not re-opened since the first lockdown. I’m calling on the Government to provide a plan, with proper funding,

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn must be reinstated. Our statement following yesterday’s meeting of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs. The future of socialist movements depends on

Rohingya Refugee Crisis

It is now Islamophobia Awareness Month & I’m calling on the Government to do more on the Rohingya Refugee Crisis. Thousands of Rohingya Refugees remain

EWS1 Certificates

Residents across my constituency have seen their properties valued at £0 as they do not have an EWS1 certificate. The huge increase in unemployment as

Development at Bow Common Lane Gasworks

I recently joined 12,000 local residents in registering my objections to the proposed developed at Bow Common Lane Gasworks. The scale of the proposals will

Winning the Future

Living through the greatest crisis our communities have faced, we need alternative policies to challenge this Tory government. I along with colleagues in the Socialist

Justice For Belly Mujinga.

Safety at work is a right, not a privilege. 2 million people signed a petition calling for #JusticeForBellyMujinga. Today I have signed a letter by

Ofsted Inspections during COVID19

The highest standards of learning and education should be delivered even during this pandemic. However, carrying out inspections as “business as usual” risks unfairly judging

Support for Learning Services EDM

In Tower Hamlets, Support for Learning Services provide early intervention, assessment and support for children with SEND. The proposal to reduce our Support for Learning

Local Businesses & Market Traders

Businesses and traders in my constituency waited months for Discretionary Grant funding to be made available. Having lost months of income during the lockdown, some

Bromley by Bow Centre Cycle Run

Pleased to have kicked off Bromley by Bow Centre’s Cycle Run fundraiser yesterday on World Mental Health Day. Small and local charities are having to find