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Activities and Campaigns

Lobby for Palestine

Today I met with constituents in Parliament as part of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK lobby. If you’re a constituent who hasn’t been in touch about Gaza

Stop arming Israel

How many of those slaughtered in Gaza have been killed by British-made arms? Our message to the Prime Minister is simple and clear: Stop arming

End Conversion Therapy

It’s been over five years since the Government first promised to ban conversion therapy — but the LGBTQ+ community are still waiting. This harm needs to

The Push Q&A Panel

Honour-based abuse is a form of abuse which occurs in all communities, impacting people of all backgrounds. It can lead to murder. A statutory definition

Immediate Ceasefire Now

Yesterday, over a 100 people were horrifically killed trying to reach aid in Gaza. In Rafah, a full ground offensive is on the horizon. Having not