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Activities and Campaigns

Surgery in Poplar

This afternoon I held a constituency surgery in Poplar, helping residents with everything from disrepair to homelessness. If you need help, please drop me an

International Workers’ Memorial Day

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, we honour all those who have lost their lives simply as a result of the job they did. This morning,

Vigil in memory of Yasmin Begum

Yesterday, I joined a vigil organised by women in memory of Yasmin Begum, who was killed brutally by a man last month, in Tower Hamlets.

Letter on Service Charge

Tenants and leaseholders are facing some of the largest service charge hikes in years, in some cases by a whopping 120%. My letter to the

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution continues to poison oceans and damage marine life. It was an engaging discussion with Shohid and fellow New City College students on their

International Mother Language Day

70 years ago today, political activists and students in Dhaka were killed whilst demanding official status for their mother tongue, Bangla. Earlier today I commemorated

Letter to Queen Mary University London

My letter to the senior leadership team at Queen Mary University of London today urging a return to the negotiating table to prevent any further

QM UCU strike

Terrific student and staff solidarity at the QM UCU strike this afternoon.Poor working conditions and cuts in pensions means poor learning conditions. I hope Queen

Solidarity with QM UCU

Shameful to see punitive and aggressive action from some universities such as Queen Mary University of London, threatening to deduct staff pay by 100% of

Covid-19 health inequalities

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed long-standing health inequalities, showing how working across government departments is essential. But the government’s new Office of Health Inequalities and Disparities

Save Salmon Lane

Small businesses on Salmon Lane are being priced out of the community, with some facing rent increases of up to 76%. I’m supporting local traders

Visit to Old Palace Primary School

Today I visited students and teachers at Old Palace Primary School. I took questions about UK Parliament and discussed the inspiring political activism of the

Food insecurity

Soaring food insecurity and normalising food aid as the solution to it, points to a complete failure of government. Responsibility for it cannot keep being