Activities and Campaigns

Stop renter evictions protest

The evictions ban has ended and thousands of renters are faced with the real threat of homelessness. I joined Somerford Grove renters outside billionaire landlord

Transformative Economics Post COVID

Households with low incomes are more likely to be overcrowded or have damp problems than higher income households, because they cannot afford to move to

Air pollution and inequality

Access to nature is not equally distributed across our society. The Government’s clean air policies should be accompanied by an equalities report to ensure that

Opposition Debate – Results

Students continue to be ignored by the government, and those studying for BTECs still have questions unanswered despite the exams fiasco happening over a month

Fire Safety Bill debate

The Government has continually ignored calls for steps to ensure there is not a repeat of the Grenfell tragedy. Last week during the Fire Safety

For a zero Covid strategy

The Government’s approach to fighting Coronavirus has been a disaster.It’s harming both public health and the economy. We need a different approach.It’s time for a

Article on Grenfell Tower fire

Earlier this year I wrote an article that called out how Grenfell Tower fire – a tragedy that never should have happened – showed how

Wapping mural

Unveiling mural in Wapping

It was great to help unveil a mural outside Wapping Youth Centre yesterday.The mural celebrates the diversity of nationalities of those who work in the

Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

Today I spoke out against the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill debate (remaining stages) – legislation that delays the long-awaited review of Prevent which fosters discrimination

6 July pickets

Solidarity with Tower Hamlets Unison

It was an honour to join Council workers this morning on the second day of their strike, organised by Tower Hamlets Unison against the imposition

4 July rally

Virtual rally with Tower Hamlets Unison

Over 400 people joined the virtual rally yesterday organised by Tower Hamlets UNISON in solidarity with workers on strike, against attempts by the local council