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Activities and Campaigns

Letter on Poplar Job Centre closure

With the Universal Credit cut looming, it is shocking that the Department for Work & Pensions are planning to close Poplar Job Centre. I’ve written

Protest outside TUIUK

A massive protest through the streets of Brighton and outside @TUIUK – the largest company running charter deportation flights. The message loud and clear: #TUIDropDeportations

Remember Ranjith ‘Roy’ Kankanamalage

Visiting Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to remember Ranjith ‘Roy’ Kankanamalage, who was murdered in a suspected homophobic hate crime.Any information you may have to bring

Cancel the Universal Credit cut

Families on Universal Credit in my constituency will lose a total of £7m a year when this lifeline is cut. This government is pushing working

View from the house

“I believe that nobody should have to go through the pain that I have been through.” Me for East London Advertiser’s August column.

Reasoned amendment on academic freedom

Higher education is rampant with casualisation and employers who sack staff because they don’t like their research. The Freedom of Speech Bill tabled by the

Newsletter 8 July

Welcome to my June/July newsletter!  In this issue you will find out what I’ve been doing to take:  (1) Action for Poplar and Limehouse  (2)