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Activities and Campaigns


Truths on war crimes should not remain classified, nor those who bring us it be punished. Prosecute war criminals not truth tellers. On #FreeJulianAssange at Stop

Letter on vaccine immunisation

Along with 29 Parliamentarians, I have written to the Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock to:➡️ Ensure Joint Committee on Vaccine Immunisation review and

National free school meals

Outsourcing is threatening the wellbeing of children in need of free school meals.Today I asked Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson whether he would consider replacing a

Government Covid response

We need the Government to start make decisions faster, and in the interest of everyone’s safety. It’s unacceptable that they’re making mistakes like this at

Letter on vaccination programme

The roll out of a vaccine is great news and the programme must succeed. However, there are now questions on a number of areas. Olivia

COVID19 Tower Hamlets

We have stood together against many threats to our way of life throughout our history and we must continue to stand together now. Together we

Statement on Covid vote

Today in Parliament there will also be a debate on the Government’s COVID plans that came into effect before Parliamentarians could have a say and

Letter on racist bullying at the BBC

It has been recently reported that a freelance worker tried to take their life due to racist bullying whilst working at the BBC. Public institutions

Visiting food banks

Whilst Old Etonian multi-millionaire Jacob Rees-Mogg will enjoy from obscene wealth this holiday, many children will be fed by local, national & international charitable efforts.

One year since I was elected

This time one year ago, I was elected MP for Poplar & Limehouse with 38,660 votes. It is been a privilege to be able to