Activities and Campaigns

Free School Meals and Black Lives Matter

Yesterday in Parliament whilst acknowledging the U-turn on free school meals, I called out the Government on why it has taken such campaigning and arguing

Shukri Abdi and her family deserve justice

Thousands have written to their MPs, alarmed by the handling of this case.‬ ‪With Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Zarah Sultana MP and Claudia Webbe MP, I’ve called on the Government to

The impact on BAME communities

🎥 Grenfell three years on and the impact of COVID19 on BAME communities ➡️ Not one service cut or policy implemented should go ahead if it unfairly

Letter on Free School Meals

Earlier this week, I collaborated with a number of cross party MPs to call on the Government to ensure that children will not needlessly go

Letter on social care worker pay

I am proud to have signed this joint letter calling on the Government to increase the pay of social care workers and nurses to at

Letter on debt management

I was one of a number of MPs that wrote a letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on debt management to provide a clearer

Statement on George Floyd

There must be justice for George Floyd. As Angela Davis said: “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be

Food Hub

Dawatul Islam’s Food Hub has been delivering food, providing befriending services and carrying out shopping for locals experiencing food insecurity or unable to leave their

Amendment to immigration bill

I am proud to have signed this reasoned amendment to the Immigration Bill (which is having its 2nd Reading today) calling for an end to

Apsana Begum

Article on bailouts

“In the wake of coronavirus, there’s an emerging new consensus that government support should never be unconditional and public money must always be used in

Letter on state support for big business

If big business want public support, they should pay their fair share towards society’s upkeep. See here my letter to the Chancellor, written with Zarah Sultana

Apsana Begum

Tower Hamlets COVID-19 Lockdown Experience

I’ve participated in this series of lockdown experience messages alongside activists. With the weather getting warmer it can feel tempting to spend longer outdoors and

VE Day

On VE Day we celebrate the triumph of humanity over hate. We remember people in the UK and in our Commonwealth whose bravery and ultimate