Activities and Campaigns

Interview in Eastern Eye

Earlier this month I spoke to Eastern Eye about securing diversity and representation in parliament despite the fact BAME women, in particular, continue to face

My first week in Parliament

Here are a few highlights from my first week in Parliament from being sworn in, to standing in solidarity with RMT workers against the threat

Bangladesh flag

Bangladesh liberation

Today is the 49th Anniversary of the end of the Bangladesh Liberation War. I stand in solidarity with friends and families who greeted an independent

Apsana Begum

Thank you

I am grateful to the constituents of Poplar & Limehouse for putting their faith in me to represent them as their Member of Parliament. I

Supporting striking UCU workers

At Queen Mary BAME staff are paid 22% less than white staff and women are paid 14% less than men. 9% of all academic staff

Against child poverty

One of the most pressing issues in Polar and Limehouse where I am standing are shocking levels of child poverty. In my sessions in the

A green revolution

In Poplar and Limehouse many of us understand only too well the devastating effects of climate change – from Somalia to Bangladesh. The Labour Party

Equal Pay Day

Today is Equal Pay Day – the day when women effectively stop getting paid for the rest of the year compared to their male counterparts.

Campaign launch in Chrisp Street

Thank you to everyone in Poplar and Limehouse Labour Party and beyond who made Saturday’s launch such a success. It was amazing to have the

Why I am standing

I have just applied to be the Labour Party candidate for Poplar and Limehouse, the constituency where I have lived all of my life. I’m standing because I believe in the people of this great constituency, in the Labour Party, and above all in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Rebel Poet

“Just as Kazi Nazrul called on all people to fight for freedom and dignity, we must together take destiny in to our own hands to

Labour Party Women’s Conference Speech

I’m Apsana Begum Secretary of Tower Hamlets Labour Party I want to commend this motion to conference, particularly its mention of precarious work conditions of care workers- the majority