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Activities and Campaigns

Newsletter 30 May

Hello and welcome to a bumper edition of my newsletter! In this issue, you’ll find out what I’ve been up to this month representing you: 

Surgery in Lansbury

Earlier today I completed my surgeries in Lansbury. Since being elected I have raised over 17,864 pieces of casework for residents.

Visiting Watney Market

Great to be out in my constituency walkabout on Saturday this weekend, this time in Watney Market listening to residents and taking up their case.

Surgery in Poplar

This afternoon I held a constituency surgery in Poplar, helping residents with everything from disrepair to homelessness. If you need help, please drop me an

International Workers’ Memorial Day

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, we honour all those who have lost their lives simply as a result of the job they did. This morning,

Vigil in memory of Yasmin Begum

Yesterday, I joined a vigil organised by women in memory of Yasmin Begum, who was killed brutally by a man last month, in Tower Hamlets.

Letter on Service Charge

Tenants and leaseholders are facing some of the largest service charge hikes in years, in some cases by a whopping 120%. My letter to the

Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution continues to poison oceans and damage marine life. It was an engaging discussion with Shohid and fellow New City College students on their

Question on household finances

The biggest squeeze on household finances since records began is pushing more families, children and pensioners into desperation. My question to the Prime Minister:

Question on Prevent strategy

In 2019, a Director at Liberty said that the biggest threat to freedom of speech on university campuses came from the Prevent strategy. On the

The case of Child Q

The case of Child Q is horrific. Years on, it is clear that she is still traumatised. Institutional racism and misogyny is the root of

Question to Quintin McKellar

For the third time this year, an estimated 50,000 staff from over 67 universities are on strike for fair pay, working conditions and pensions, with

A National Landlord Register

Shelter have long advocated for a National Landlord Register to hold unscrupulous landlords to account. Private sector tenants should be able to know whether a