I am grateful to the constituents of Poplar & Limehouse for putting their faith in me to represent them as their Member of Parliament.

I do not underestimate the privilege they have bestowed on me, and intend to return the faith they have placed in me, by working to serve them and fight for their needs relentlessly.

I am grateful to my agent, campaign team, supporters and members who have worked tirelessly to help get me elected. So many knocked on doors, volunteered and campaigned in the last few weeks in the cold.

This election was about Brexit but I am still proud of our manifesto which placed ending austerity at it’s core and presented exactly what people across this country so desperately need, from job security to keeping our NHS public. I will continue to fight for this in Westminster in opposition.

Together we will not just resist but we will overcome.

In solidarity,


I am standing for the Parliamentary Selection in Poplar and Limehouse the constituency where I have lived all of my life. I’m standing because I believe in the people of this great constituency, in the Labour Party, and above all in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Here's my video!

Posted by Apsana Begum for Poplar and Limehouse on Wednesday, October 16, 2019


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A new kind of politics for Poplar & Limehouse

Why you should support me

A local candidate

I was born and raised in Shadwell and have both studied and worked in Poplar and Limehouse. I am familiar with the deep inequalities and deprivation experienced here.

A socialist

I am a socialist, politicised by my own lived experiences and I am proud of our history of standing up for our rights.

A campaigner

I have been actively involved in local campaigns to protect public services such as our local day care nurseries. Tackling inequalities and standing up for marginalised communities has always been key to me.

A proud socialist

Why I am standing

I am standing to be MP for Poplar and Limehouse, the constituency where I have lived all of my life. I’m standing because I believe in the people of this great constituency, in the Labour Party, and above all in the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

My pledges

Workers’ Rights

Millions have faced cuts to their real pay since 2010 while the highest earners have had theirs rocket. Workers of Bangladeshi heritage in the UK have the lowest median hourly pay of any ethnic group. I am proud that Labour will establish a real living wage, end in-work poverty and repeal the anti-trade union laws.


Tower Hamlets has one of the highest average rents in London, while at the same time having some of the highest levels of poverty. It’s a toxic combination which means those on low incomes face an increased risk of homelessness. I support ambitious targets for social housing, council house building, requisitioning empty homes by Compulsory Purchase Orders and rent controls to protect private renters.


Education shapes future generations and, in Tower Hamlets, we have seen the impact of cuts on key frontline services, in a borough where children suffer from the highest rates of poverty in the country. I support local campaigns to protect nurseries and community language services, the restoration of Sure Start, end of academisation, abolition of tuition fees and restoration of grants and increased funding for adult education.

Green Industrial Revolution

Diaspora communities understand the devastating impact of climate change on our families’ livelihoods in countries such as Bangladesh and Somalia. Climate change can only be addressed via public ownership of our energy system, mass investment in renewable energy to create new jobs and increased support for developing countries. I will champion Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution and campaign to build an environmentally sustainable society.


Like most people in our constituency, I voted remain and am deeply concerned about the prospects of a catastrophic No Deal Brexit. I support our party’s position of negotiating a better deal and putting that back to the people with remain as an option on the ballot.


The government's ‘hostile environment’ has damaged our society and fostered intolerance and racism. We urgently need to shut down detention centres, defend freedom of movement, end no recourse to public funds policies and extend voting rights to resident non-UK nationals.

Opposing wars abroad,
challenging racism at home

It is over 80 years since our community fought the Battle of Cable Street and we have a long tradition of standing up against fascism, racism and antisemitism. I stand against intolerance, violence and division. In our foreign policy, we have to stand with Jeremy Corbyn’s principled opposition to military interventions which have caused so much havoc around the world.


The NHS is Labour’s finest achievement, but it is under threat. I oppose creeping privatisation and the lasting consequences of the disastrous Private Finance Initiative. I will fight for a publicly owned and publicly run NHS, ensure sufficient funding, and demand that mental health services achieve the parity they deserve.

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"A strong track record"

I am delighted that Apsana - a young working class Bengali woman – has put herself forward to represent the seat where she was born and has lived all her life. We need more socialist MPs who are fully committed to standing alongside Jeremy Corbyn and his transformative agenda. Apsana has a strong track record in fighting against the Tories’ austerity agenda – standing up for young people, women and ethnic minorities in particular.
Diane Abbott
Labour's Shadow Home Secretary

"A dedicated socialist"​

Apsana would be a powerful voice for all communities in Westminister. A dedicated socialist, she has campaigned against austerity measures and stood shoulder to shoulder with some of society’s most vulnerable people. Apsana has worked with integrity and dilligence to build a grassroots Labour movement and would fight to make sure Poplar and Limehouse is a constituency that works for the many, not the few.​
John McDonnell
Labour's Shadow Chancellor

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