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One year since I was elected

This time one year ago, I was elected MP for Poplar & Limehouse with 38,660 votes. It is been a privilege to be able to represent the area where I was born and raised.

  • Spoken in 30 Chamber debates
  • Asked 221 Written Questions
  • Tabled 18 Early Day Motions & signed 155
  • Joined the Education Committee
  • Chair an All Party Parliamentary Group, sit on executives of 3
  • Undertook 4,000+ pieces of casework

I delivered my Maiden Speech during the International Women’s Day debate, paying tribute to the rich history of local women’s struggles for social justice and political rights:

True to the pledges I made in my speech, I have called on the Govt to uphold human rights and the rights of migrants & workers, here and abroad. See here for my work against each of my election pledges:

Whilst the pandemic has made it much more difficult to get around, I have,

  • Held over 200 surgery appointments
  • Spoken at 20 public and online events
  • Visited & volunteered in our local foodbanks
  • Met with local businesses, campaign groups & charities

The 2019 Election was a devastating blow for my Party. Just as there’s the challenge to unite my Party, there’s the challenge to offer policies to take us into Govt 2024. We must take every community with us, rooting out imperialism from any policy programme.

I will not be silent against cuts the that continue to ravage local households & disempower local people Having stood with local workers in industrial disputes, supporting SEND children & parents, private renters with rogue landlords, I will continue to be a campaigning MP.

My election campaign team were representative local people including the working class, ethnic minorities & women. This is also reflected in my staff team. My work has been recognised by @UKPatchwork and @PulsarPlatform this year.

I will continue to stand with my constituency – diverse, dynamic, multicultural, multiracial & with people of different faiths and none, and from all around the world – against intolerance, violence and division. Do sign up to my newsletter here: