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Grief at the murder of Sabina Nessa

I share the rage and grief at the murder of Sabina Nessa, a daughter, a teacher & only 28 – killed in a public place and found after so many hours.

Every year presents a horrific catalogue of violence but no change to the fact that on average 1 woman is killed every 3 days.

We’re reminded in the murders of Sarah Everard, Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry and now Sabina Nessa, that safety is not a right afforded to all, it is a privilege. These aren’t isolated incidents and violence does not occur in a vacuum.

The government have failed us on the pandemic of gender-based violence.

Government policies that repeatedly dictate to us whose lives are worthy of preservation & whose are acceptable to be found dead so many hours later in a public space even in London.

A vigil has now been called to honour Sabina’s life and in solidarity against this violence.