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Report from APPG on Domestic Abuse & Violence

Today the APPG on Domestic Abuse & Violence launched our report:

“Road to Recovery:Meeting the mental health needs of domestic abuse survivors”.

We’ve taken evidence from experts by experience, policymakers & specialists.

[A gentle alert on sensitive content]

Mental-ill health is frequently weaponised against survivors or misunderstood by healthcare professionals.

Survivors too often experience re-traumatisation by the very system that’s meant to support them.

The consequences of this are serious & tragic including death & suicide. Today we heard from Tom Guha, an expert by experience, whose mother died by suicide.

Tom explained how public authorities will have survivors with mental ill-health come forward for support, but SO many are failed by long waiting lists, especially when they have to move home.

Our 4 main recommendations are:

  • Domestic abuse and mental health to be treated as an *urgent public health* priority.
  • A whole-system approach with localised mental health DV strategies and specialist GP training, to embedding ‘routine enquiry’ duty like that in Wales.

The report also recommends:

  • Ring-fenced funding for specialist services to address issues such as mental health support only being available in 15.1% of UK refuges😱.
  • Statutory bodies to be required to collect and report on data in every area including on death & suicide. The APPG are looking into the govt’s #HealthAndCareBill & the Women’s Health strategy published in December.

We are seeking support & engagement from Ministers including @GillianKeegan.

We also recognise that the #VictimsBill presents options to take forward recommendations. We thank everyone who contributed to this inquiry.

👉🏾You can read our full #mentalhealth inquiry report here:

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