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My first week in Parliament

Here are a few highlights from my first week in Parliament from being sworn in, to standing in solidarity with RMT workers against the threat to our right to strike.

I voted against the Withdrawal Agreement Bill because of the lack of protections for workers and the environment as well as the failure to adopt the Dubs amendment to provide for child refugees.

I met with Jeremy Corbyn, a chat following which I remembered again his quoting of Pablo Neruda words, “We can cut all the flowers but you cannot stop the Spring from coming”.

I will work hard to stand up and hold the Tories to account in Westminister. Tough times are here and coming but we must preservere together.

It was good to be at home at the end of the week to say thank you (a bit quick I know but the campaign has been too and whilst I work through everyone I say thanks for your patience everyone too) so that many could take a moment to pause and reflect before the New Year and also raise some money for the First Love Foundation – who are running foodbanks in the borough.

This article shows just how much of a challenge we have here locally:…/a-tale-of-two-cities-londons-…

We have a number of anti-poverty funds and measures in place locally but the challenge will increase now under this Tory government. Jane and others need more support. We are now being faced with cuts to our local services from the community language provisions to the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities funding and the much needed investment in Local Government is likely to be at further risk.

I stood for office having directly experienced the brutality of the Tory policies in the last decade and motivated by the injustice and struggle faced by others and it is the biggest privilege of my life to be able to represent my home constituency in Parliament to fight back on this.

I wish everyone celebrating Christmas my very best wishes for this festive period and for the New Year.
Please do look after everyone around you – friends, families, neighbours and everyone over this festive period!