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Largest annual rise in unemployment for eight years

The employment figures published today by the Office for National Statistics today, shows the largest annual rise in unemployment for eight years, the largest fall in jobs on record for 18 to 24 year olds, and sharp falls in employment across many industries. 

Commenting on recent Trade Union Congress analysis that shows BAME workers have been asked to “shoulder more risk” during the pandemic, General Secretary Frances O’Grady said,

“BAME workers are hugely overrepresented in undervalued, low-paid and casualised jobs, with fewer rights and no sick pay. During the pandemic many BAME people have paid for these poor working conditions with their lives.

This crisis has to be a turning point. The government must challenge the systemic racism and inequality that holds BAME people back at work, and beyond.”

Below is the unadjusted claimant count for Poplar and Limehouse in August 2020.