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I will continue to advocate for my constituents

There is a lot of grief, trauma and loss continuing to be experienced, it seems, in almost every household.None of this is a coincidence, it is not random. Structural racism and discrimination dictates who gets resources and who gets dumped on. Sharing this from earlier in the pandemic. I will keep advocating for all my constituents with every breath.

Conscious of the immediate support needed for households when schools closed during the first lockdown, I asked Gavin Williamson about guidance and support for overcrowded and multigenerational households. His reply was different in tone to the one the Government have had towards the opening schools recently, that of legal action.

If the Government were always never going to requisition empty buildings or utilise hotels to help people to self-isolate, they should have at least laid published guidance and measures on how people could manage within their existing circumstances, such as supporting the ventilation of overcrowded homes safely to mitigate risk and transmission. They haven’t.

In the Summer, official figures revealed that people of Bangladeshi ethnicity had around twice the risk of death from COVID-19. Months on and Matt Hancock still has not responded to my questions on what is being done about it such as targeted testing, tracing and tracking.