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"A strong track record"

I am delighted that Apsana - a young working class Bengali woman – has put herself forward to represent the seat where she was born and has lived all her life. We need more socialist MPs who are fully committed to standing alongside Jeremy Corbyn and his transformative agenda. Apsana has a strong track record in fighting against the Tories’ austerity agenda – standing up for young people, women and ethnic minorities in particular.
Diane Abbott
Labour's Shadow Home Secretary

"A dedicated socialist"​

Apsana would be a powerful voice for all communities in Westminister. A dedicated socialist, she has campaigned against austerity measures and stood shoulder to shoulder with some of society’s most vulnerable people. Apsana has worked with integrity and dilligence to build a grassroots Labour movement and would fight to make sure Poplar and Limehouse is a constituency that works for the many, not the few.​
John McDonnell
Labour's Shadow Chancellor

"An awareness and passion for the new internationalism"

Apsana - a socialist who grew up in Poplar & Limehouse and knows the community inside out - would bring to Parliament her solid campaigning experience, and a background of standing in solidarity with people on the frontlines of struggles for social justice. We need more young MPs – like Apsana - with an awareness and passion for the new internationalism of hope and justice that a Corbyn led Labour Government will pursue
Dan Carden
Shadow Secretary of State for International Development

"Socialist, working class MPs like Apsana"

Our society is ridden with class inequalities which systematically deny millions of working class people the opportunities to flourish that are enjoyed by a small elite. One, important, way to change this situation is with socialist, working class MPs like Apsana Begum who understand their communities and will advance working people’s interests in Parliament, and that’s why I am backing her to be the next MP for Poplar and Limehouse.
Laura Pidcock MP
Shadow Secretary of State for Employment Rights

"The best of Labour values"

Apsana is an incredible young woman. She would bring to Parliament a deep experience of campaigning and standing shoulder to shoulder with others on the frontline of a variety of struggles. Apsana’s values represent the very best of Labour values - and I would love to see Apsana selected, and representing Poplar & Limehouse in Parliament.
Karen Lee MP
At a recent consultation process that Tower Hamlets Momentum organised for members looking for Momentum support to stand in Poplar and Limehouse, Apsana Begum received the overwhelming support of those who listened to the various participants – far exceeding all other candidates. Based on her campaigning work, and commitment to a genuinely socialist government, Tower Hamlets Momentum strongly supports Apasana Begum as the candidate for the Poplar & Limehouse constituency.
Tower Hamlets Momentum
Proud to endorse Apsana Begum as the Labour Party’s candidate for Poplar and Limehouse. As a former student at QMUL she perfectly encapsulates the spirit of our Labour society - embracing the diversity of Tower Halmets, supporting working class students and staff and fighting to build a more inclusive society. We are a uniquely diverse Labour society, with the majority of our members being women around the age of 20, and we believe that Apsana is the best candidate to represent us. She is a fantastic example of what can be achieved when we support young women to become more involved in grassroots politics and to stand up for their local community.
QMUL Labour Society
Apsana is a committed community activist. She has always stood for and spoken on many issues of concern. I belive she will be a community champion and a great MP.
Ruhul Amin
Secretary of Labour BAME Forum, Poplar and Limehouse CLP, Secretary of Shadwell Ward
I want to support Apsana because I believe she is a powerful woman, who empowres many people with the constituency. She would make a brilliant MP and make sure all our voices are heard within Westminster.
Kamal Hussain
Chair Bromley South Ward

"Apsana is the most qualified person"

Beyond a doubt, i believe Apsana is the most qualified person for Poplar & Limehouse. In many occasions and campaigns she exemplifies leadership, honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. Apsana will be able to use those qualities to create a better Poplar & Limehouse and beyond.
Shaila Sharmin
Lansbury Branch, Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Our constituency has been at the brunt of austerity and we need an MP who will stand alongside Jeremy Corbyn and support reinvestment in services and industry to create jobs for younger people. I am supporting Apsana because I know that she will do that.
Salah Banna
Shadwell branch, Poplar & Limehouse CLP
I am proudly and delightfully backing Apsana Begum, a young energetic politician, whom I strongly believe would serve our constituency with passion and conviction, promoting a new kind of politics- coming out of politics of division and negativity; and stay focussed on the issues that matters to her constituency and constituents. I urge comrades across the constituency to come forward expressing your most needed support for Apsana. Together, we will make history selecting her as a Labour candidate for Poplar & Limehouse, and probably the youngest MP in the House of Commons.
Iqbal Hossain
Chairperson of Sunamganj Jela Welfare Association UK
I'm backing Apsana because she would make a brilliant local, campaigning, socialist MP. I do homelessness activism and in that work I've always found Apsana eager to help, and I know she would be the first to speak up in solidarity with the most marginalised. We need more MPs like Apsana who have been organising and fighting austerity in their communities, and I'm incredibly excited to support her campaign.
Tom Zagoria
Secretary, Island Gardens Branch, Poplar & Limehouse CLP
I only met Apsana a few years ago but I was immediately impressed by her abilities, her skills, her campaigning and her capacity for hard work! I could see straight away that she was going to make a massive contribution to the Labour Party. She has put herself at the heart of many campaigns in Tower Hamlets would make an excellent candidate to be the next MP for Poplar and Limehouse. She is just what we need to hold the seat.
Christine Shawcroft
Secretary Lansbury Ward,
Poplar and Limehouse CLP
I have known Apsana and her family for many years. She is from Poplar and Limehouse and knows the people here and the different communities really well. She is a strong advocate for the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, is a committed socialist and is dedicated to fighting for the interests of working people. She has a track record of fighting cuts and austerity, and believes politics should work from the grass-roots up. She would make an excellent MP and I fully endorse her campaign.
Julian Sharpe
Trade Union Liaison Officer,
Poplar and Limehouse CLP
Apsana joined us on the picket line when we took action against a bullying boss. She stood with us as workers and did whatever she could to support us. Her solidarity meant a huge amount to us.
Laura Rogers
National Education Union Rep (2018/2019)
Harbinger School Branch, Isle of Dogs
I am backing Apsana to be the Labour cadidate for Poplar and Limehouse because she has shown herself to be a dedicated campaigner for the constitunecy over the past few years. She has worked tirlessly for the people of Poplar and Limehouse (and Tower Hamlets) on a number of campiagns aimed at helping those most in need. I have proud to have worked alongside her in the local Labour party and I know that in Parliament she will continue to fight for social justice for the people of Poplar and Limehouse and beyond.
Nicola Quinn
Social Media Officer, Poplar & Limehouse CLP

"Passionate determination"​

I believe Apsana Begum is the best candidate for Poplar & Limehouse. A dedicated socialist with wonderful track records and enthusiasm. Her true love and passionate determination can certainly help the constituency to fight against austerity and establishing a fairer society.
Delwar Islam
Lansbury Branch, Poplar & Limehouse CLP
We support Apsana as a candidate as we have seen first hand how committed and hardworking she is for ALL the residents of Tower Hamlets and to all the Labour principles of equality and fairness for the many not the few.
Annie and Peter Walker
Island Gardens Branch, Poplar & Limehouse CLP
Our constituency has waited such a long time to choose our MP. Now we have the chance to choose someone who genuinely understands the communities they are aspiring to represent across our diverse and vibrant area. I believe Apsana is such a candidate.
Payam Tourabi
Lansbury and Poplar Branch, Poplar & Limehouse CLP
I am backing Apsana because she will bring a fresh approach to politics in our borough, bringing in people who have previously been excluded from party politics, and reinvigorating the party through her positivity and determination to achieve real change.
Ralph Pinel
Island Gardens branch, Poplar & Limehouse CLP