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As the cases of Covid-19 rise internationally, please be advised that Bangladesh has been added to the “red list” of countries people are restricted from travelling to, amongst many others. Please see the latest information regarding travelling to Bangladesh on the government website Bangladesh travel advice – GOV.UK (


With variants of Covid-19 being detected in Tower Hamlets, it is recommended to check if you are being asked get a test done by simply inputting your postcode into COVID-19 surge test – Tower Hamlets – Section 1 – forms. It is encouraged that you are tested even if you do not have any obvious symptoms, to protect your loved ones as well as the community and prevent the spread. More information regarding the concerns of the variants can be found here as well as details regarding testing.


Tower Hamlets have a dedicated vaccine line, so please ensure to get your vaccine booked when it is your turn. Call on 020 7364 3030 to book yours now, if you have not already been successful. There are various locations in Tower Hamlets where you can get your vaccine. You can find further guidance here. Please note, the list of people eligible for the vaccine is continuously extending.